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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Internet Marketing In Singapore

Internet Marketing in Singapore is still very new. People are still wondering if it is still possible to make an income from internet marketing. You have seen how Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo move itself through the internet. Have you heard of SKYPE? I am in it. It saves a bundle if you need to speak to someone overseas. A friend of mine uses it to manage and control a team of office staff in Madras (Chennai) from a very small office (8 sq.m.) in Singapore. Having got a huge database of users, they promote other related products through internet marketing. Gmail offered 1GB of email space.... now Yahoo! is following suit with 1GB. Yahoo! will lose a good number of its users if they think 100MB is more than enough. Again we are talking about the database or the LIST... which in internet marketing terms is very important. You have heard Richard mentioned it again and again... "The Money is in the List!"

In Singapore, we are still new to Internet Marketing. Many who have paid $5000 to $8000 for an internet course, they are still dazed and recovering from the "morning-after" syndrome... (mind paid less than that and you have a good support team willing to help). We are going to learn how to create a list from scratch.... I believe you can do more with less for the mean time, if you are seriously thinking of working on your internet marketing business.

Think it through! It is just about time and commitment! Let us make Internet Marketing Business work for TIMM eCommunity in Singapore. Ready to Move Forward with us?!




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