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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Are Singaporeans ready for Internet Marketing?

Recently, I came across a phrase like this.... "Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?". I heard someone on a CD recording saying that 80% of employees in the marketplace today wish they were doing something else. There are so many dissatisfied employees all around us. Some people wished they are out of the "sick and tired" syndrome. I just hope we can do something to get out of the "sick and tired" syndrome.

Currently in Singapore, I believe thousands have attended some form of previews or workshops promoting internet marketing here. I believe only less than 5% are willing to invest time and money to attend a structured program to learn how to do internet marketing business. Realistically, not many Singaporeans are ready for this. However, as I write to the eCommunity, I congratulate you for taking the first step to attend the Super Seminar... and now is the challenge to put what you have learnt into action and let your fellow friends in Singapore know that Internet Marketing business is possible and will work.

I hope each one of us can determine to put aside time to work on something. I just came back from a meeting. It is past 12 midnight. I have told myself to write something in this blog at least once in 2 days or one day. Thank God, I have managed to do it so far. It is about allocating time to do something and then pursue it. I believe Internet Marketing can work if we do put in some effort. Why follow the majority who are not ready for internet marketing? From a tiny island like Singapore, BE THE MINORITY and you too can be one of those leading savvy internet marketing businessman.

So........Get yourself ready to get out of the "sick and tired" syndrome and start building another pipeline of income.


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Internet Marketing In Singapore

Internet Marketing in Singapore is still very new. People are still wondering if it is still possible to make an income from internet marketing. You have seen how Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo move itself through the internet. Have you heard of SKYPE? I am in it. It saves a bundle if you need to speak to someone overseas. A friend of mine uses it to manage and control a team of office staff in Madras (Chennai) from a very small office (8 sq.m.) in Singapore. Having got a huge database of users, they promote other related products through internet marketing. Gmail offered 1GB of email space.... now Yahoo! is following suit with 1GB. Yahoo! will lose a good number of its users if they think 100MB is more than enough. Again we are talking about the database or the LIST... which in internet marketing terms is very important. You have heard Richard mentioned it again and again... "The Money is in the List!"

In Singapore, we are still new to Internet Marketing. Many who have paid $5000 to $8000 for an internet course, they are still dazed and recovering from the "morning-after" syndrome... (mind paid less than that and you have a good support team willing to help). We are going to learn how to create a list from scratch.... I believe you can do more with less for the mean time, if you are seriously thinking of working on your internet marketing business.

Think it through! It is just about time and commitment! Let us make Internet Marketing Business work for TIMM eCommunity in Singapore. Ready to Move Forward with us?!



Monday, June 27, 2005

ACTION.....Move Forward

I am wondering if you have taken time off to reflect and think "What have I been doing after all the hours spent in a bootcamp learning about Internet Marketing?". Has it become one of those "expensive" bootcamps you have paid and attended, made you feel good for a while..... and when you are back in my office, you are sucked into the rat race of office work, politics, etc.... You simply find no time to sit down and think how you can go forward and create another pipeline of income through internet marketing.

After much personal reflection, I think we all need a vital SUPPORT mechanism. We need to have someone hold our hands and tell us what to click first and then next...and more of this and that on getting a vibrant and dynamic internet marketing business going. We need someone to help us take MASSIVE ACTION!

This morning I thought I should make a call to SHI, one supportive friend whom you may have met in one of our meetings at SIM. SHI is definitely an ACTION guy. I called SHI and discussed with him on how we can get everyone, especially in our TIMM eCommunity in Singapore activated and be found doing something on the Internet. It is definitely a waste if after spending so much money and no action is taken. SHI and I want to be that catalyst for this change to get you moving into ACTION. We do not want precious time and money go down the drain.

Hear more from me..... and SHI also.



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