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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Meeting With An Internet Marketing Guru

I was alerted to Richard Quek's visit just before New Year's Day. On 2 January 2007, he came to Singapore specifically to speak to a group of people who were interested to know more about his business with 4Life Research a Network Marketing company which he has been rather successful with.

Richard mentioned that if he wants to run internet marketing bootcamps and seminars, he can come back anytime to do it. However, for 4Life Research business, it is a trend that will be here to build agressively for a few years before the opportunity before the trend tails off in this region.

Knowing that he is still very passionate about internet marketing business Kiat Wee another internet marketing enthusiast joined me after our meeting at 4Life Research Office. we had supper and coffee till 1.00am that night.

Richard shared with us the ugly side of Internet Marketing. I was shocked to hear of his experiences with people who do not have integrity and are out there to tarnish this industry. It is sad that in every legitimate business, there will be black sheep who will find all means to benefit themselves by exploiting the kindness and ignorance of wannabe internet marketers.

As much as we desire to be successful and make a good living from internet marketing, we need to bear in mind that we have to do it with integrity, honesty, maintaining the good name of this industry. If you know of any fraud cases or bad experiences with internet marketers, I would be happy to have your comments.

Internet marketing in action requires a proper regard for this kind of business whether in Singapore or globally.



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