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Monday, July 25, 2005

Internet Marketing Business

Someone asked me if I am making a good income from internet marketing. My answer is that I will be there one day.

You see, to do the internet marketing business is a process. You do not experience an extraordinary income overnight.... it will take time. But you must start NOW! It is just like any other businesses that you do, except that there are some flexibility and discipline involved. In BUSY Singapore, most of us will give an excuse that we do not have the time. It takes time to bring a business to profitability, likewise you will see this in internet marketing.

Internet Marketing business is one business which you can have very low overheads. We are not talking about renting an office which can easily cost you $1000 a month, then you have to hook up some equipment to make it look like an office. Internet marketing involves doing business from the comfort of wherever you may be... even in your living room, or having breakfast at MacDonald's... or sipping a cup of coffee at Starbucks... even when you are overseas you can still work on your internet marketing business. It is so flexible and mobile also.

Even if you are now gainfully employed in a 9 to 5 job, you can also start doing something on internet marketing. You just do not know when will be that day when you have to depend on the income from your internet marketing business. No gainfully employed person dare to vouch that their JOB is secured. Start doing something on internet marketing NOW!

Monday, July 18, 2005

Internet Marketing Coaching

How many of you would pay a 4-figure sum like $5000 or so to get yourself coached? I believe we would say it all depends on what..... Internet Marketing coaching can be very costly. It is because if they can get you to do the right things, you are on the way to make an income which will exceed much more than the amount you have paid the coach to coach you to success. However, I am not talking about a large sum like that above... I am talking a small sum to at least get you out of the woods and then let you get your dream of realising an income through internet marketing.

Most people are afraid to be coached. Coaches expect results. A coach helping you with internet marketing is no different. He also expects results from the coachee. With regards to the Internet Marketing in Action workshop, you are to take some preliminary actions prior to attending the Workshop. You will be asked to follow certain instructions... step by step. For those who have already registered, I will be following up with an email to you to take certain actions first, yes..... on internet marketing specifically. There will be a forum set up by Shi and I, to get you moving into some action.

For those who are sitting on the fence, do give me a call. Some have said, "it has been so long since I really did something on the internet... it is rusty already". Yes... it may seem rusty but the knowledge is still in you. Could you allow us to remove that rust and get you going? It will be worth it all, when you attend the workshop.

Get Moving!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Are YOU Ready To Be Coached?

This is definitely a tough question. I work with a coach to help me get moving with my business. He is a no-nonsense kind of coach. He means what he says and also says what he means. He does not mince his words. He expects the same from me too. It is not easy to work with a coach, if you are not ready to make the change. Internet marketing coach will not be able to help you if you do not want to take the first step to say...."I want to make internet marketing business a reality in my life!".

If you want to work on something and see success in doing it.... come on... you have to move it. Take the first step to engage a coach. SHI and I are providing the opportunity for you to have your own web presence and start making small income also....and gradually it will grow.

One of our friends just called and said that he is putting aside certain meetings that day just to be at The Internet Marketing In Action Workshop. It is about priority. Do you want to make a change? Do you want to be COACHED until you see a personal and very exciting involvement in the realm of Internet Marketing. We are going to be there for you!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Coaching at a glance

I have been reading about life coaching, career coaching, performance coaching, executive coaching, sales coaching...and there are some similarities with internet marketing coaching though they can be somewhat different. We are talking about having yourself a internet web presence and making one pipeline of income from it in due time.

Coaching is about getting the best of you out, and see you flourish in whatever you want to do. It is about helping one person to master his craft. It is about saying it and also doing it to make the change. It is about taking small steps as recommended or committed and see the result you have been looking for. Internet marketing is possible, if you are coached to get it done right.

What I see in some of you is that you already have the knowledge of internet marketing. At this juncture, it is a matter of decision to get that knowledge into action. Are you willing to commit yourself to take good massive action for the betterment of the future. One Philosopher said "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step". Your first step would be to respond to this call to attend The Internet Marketing in Action workshop. Send me an email

Let us not procrastinate anymore. The ACTION is NOW! Do not miss this boat! It can be rather costly later on.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Coaching you to success

Coaching a person who has an interest to do internet marketing takes time. In fact you need a coach who is patient and understanding. Someone wrote me to ask for a good coach, I told him that usually they charge an arm and a leg.... I mean it is not cheap. Talking about Life Coaching, a coach can easily charge something like US$300 per hour... and the really famous ones charge a big big figure. And they can do it through telephone conferencing at that figure.... face to face may be more.

A friend asked me to look at her blog and give comments for improvement. It took me a long while to put in some comments and instructions... and I could add more and more comments, but certain things just cannot be conveyed through written instructions. You need to be present with the coach to see what is really happening on the screen itself. I say this for internet marketing.

Some coachees are really good and can handle step by step instructions rather well... but most are not able to. To ensure that instructions are carried out with the least frustrations and get things set and uploaded within the shortest time, the coachee needs to meet up with the coach and get everything in place. Here is a person who is all fired up to want to do something online, and a simple instruction not understood well enough and cannot be executed properly......... can actually dampen that spirit of starting an internet marketing business.

For those from the TIMM eCommunity, you would have received the email by now, make yourself available for The Internet Marketing In Action Workshop, we will be there to hold your hands and coach you to do a successful internet marketing business on that very day.... we may not repeat this program for the eCommunity... register yourself today.

If you are reading this, but not part of our TIMM eCommunity, you may want to register your interest with me at

Monday, July 04, 2005

Traffic Is Crucial In Internet Marketing

I have been monitoring the result of Yahoo! search for key words like "Internet Marketing in Action" - this has become No. 1 on Yahoo among some 15 million sites. Other searches based on words like "Internet Marketing in Singapore" etc... I am seeing site moving up the ranks. As it moves up, I can see that it is getting some visitors to the site. It is increasing daily.

How does Yahoo! search engine works? I believe there are steps which need to be taken to see the move up the rank in search engines. Internet Marketing is about traffic. Unless you conscientiously do your part in placing the right links, words, and put some effort into doing it... you may not see your site ranked well and traffic converging into your site.

I have also got a statscounter attached to my site. Steadily the number of hits is increasing from the day the statscounter was turned on. This shows that with people searching for those crucial keywords, and if you are among the top, it is very likely your site will be visited.

I believe those who are reading this would be interested to know that this know-how on internet marketing will be shared with you. Keep visiting this site. If you need to send me an email so that I can keep you updated, please send it to I would be happy to touch base with you when more concrete programs are available to you to help you with internet marketing in Singapore. If you are a TIMM eCommunity member, please email me your interest also.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

An Infant - Internet Marketing In Singapore

SHI just wrote me and asked me to continue to post a blog each day. Hey! It takes quite a bit of commitment to do it. It also requires a good bit of patience as you sit and think of what to write... never to rush through it.

In Singapore, most of us are so used to the fast paced life here. Whatever we want, we want to get it quick. If we think that money is no problem... we will pay to get it quicker. However, in internet marketing, please have this word imprinted in your mind "PATIENCE". SHI just wrote to say that it may take 1, 2 or maybe 6 months or maybe more, for my site to rank well in Googles. Wow! that long... but well.... I have to work at it.... and patiently wait.

Soon after it gets ranked well... hopefully NO. 1.... then it goes through the process of being a popular site... and that is where TRAFFIC will grow. I am not just thinking of traffic from internet marketing enthusiasts in Singapore alone, I believe it will come from every corner of the world also.

SHI wrote "Once the traffic grows, money flows". How true indeed! I have come across many people asking me..."Have you made a good income from Internet Marketing?". It is truly embarrassing when I have to say "No". The next question is "Then do you know of anyone in Singapore who is receiving an inome through Internet Marketing?". I will share with them a few names. However, one day... YES! ONE DAY...when someone ask me such questions... I believe I will be there to say with pride that I have made a good income from Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing in Singapore is still in its infancy stage here. I believe if you change your mindset and start thinking of Internet Marketing again, you will be one of those rare jewels in Singapore.

You CAN do it!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Top 10 Ranking - Internet Marketing in Singapore

This morning I was up 5.30am... then saw my children off to school. My internet access was on then... THEN! SHI wrote me and said "YOUR BLOG RANKED TOP 10 IN YAHOO!". What a shocking surprise. How can that be? I just cannot believe but it is there... and I hope it is still there when you make a search for it today. This is outrageously ridiculous, I thought. Evidence on the search proves it all. SHI! THANK YOU!

YAHOO! Search.... Singapore Internet Marketing (6), Internet Marketing Singapore (7) and.... Internet Marketing in Singapore is NO. 2..... among 4,000,000 sites with those keywords. As long as the search engine does not change its criteria for search and ranking, it should be there for a while.

You know what? It took only about 4 days to reach there.... instead of the 2 weeks SHI told me. Isn't this ridiculous? But it is possible. TIMM eCommunity, we are going to work with you on this. Internet Marketing can be done from Singapore and with you in mind also.