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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Internet Marketing Seminars In Singapore

Internet Marketing is slowly gaining momentum. We have more people interested to leverage the internet to create an income from the comfort of their own home. However, more does not mean many. Very few in Singapore are actually engaged in the internet marketing business.

Monitoring the Singapore scene for the past two over years, internet marketing "gurus" have come and gone. New internet marketing previews are organised by new players in the Singapore market to attract Singaporeans to sign up for the program. These seminars do not come cheap, usually more than a $1000 to $2500. Those who have the money to spend do not mind paying for it, thinking that once they have attended the 2 or 3 days seminars, they will be totally equipped to run an internet marketing business on their own. Sadly....I must say "NO!"

So far I have come across a lot of disillusioned participants (after spending thousands of dollars on courses or seminars) asking how to start, what must I do first to start an internet marketing business. When they are not able to get someone to coach them personally, they give it up totally. WHAT A WASTE! Very few of us are self starters. We actually need a coach, someone to hold our hands to ensure success in this kind of business.

In some of the courses marketed in Singapore, usually the couple of thousands you spend on the course does not cover coaching or a system. You must actually purchase and pay a few more thousands of dollars to the trainer to get into the system to be successful. Before you sign up for an expensive course....please check with the organizers whether you need to pay anything else after the course to become successful in the internet marketing business. Ask more questions before signing up. Do not be caught by those hard-sell tactics of the speakers and sales people.

I can only think of one LEAST expensive internet marketing course (less than $600) in Singapore that offers free coaching and regular contact after the program to ensure your success.... go to for more details.


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