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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Derek Gehl in Singapore

This evening, I attended a 90 minutes talk given by Derek Gehl. 29 year old guy, working under the wings of Corey Rudl (a great internet marketing guru who lost his life last year, in a racing car accident, driven by his friend). He is good!

The websites he showed and the testimonies from those sites and businesses are just great. Very impressive. He has a system. He shared about the same thing every guru will reveal to you, about internet marketing. My own gurus are Richard Quek, and also HC Shi. They learnt from different gurus also. In Richard's 3 day super seminar, he shares what Derek will share at his 2 1/2 seminar in September 2006. Today Richard has stopped his seminar circuits but is still very active in internet marketing business.

Whether it is Armand Morin, Alex Mandossian, Richard Quek, or even Derek Gehl.... what you will learn are some of the following...what to sell, how to automate, payment gateway, autoresponders, search engines, traffic, list building, pop ups, etc...........

The one and only thing you have to do after all the thousands you have spent, is to put them into action. If you are still unable to get into action... I would advise that you join a group that is able to coach you to do it... by first designing Search Engine friendly websites. taught by HC Shi, will give you the hands-on needed to kick-start your action in internet marketing.

If you want to create an extra income from the internet, please take action today. Human beings tend to procrastinate a lot.


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