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Monday, July 04, 2005

Traffic Is Crucial In Internet Marketing

I have been monitoring the result of Yahoo! search for key words like "Internet Marketing in Action" - this has become No. 1 on Yahoo among some 15 million sites. Other searches based on words like "Internet Marketing in Singapore" etc... I am seeing site moving up the ranks. As it moves up, I can see that it is getting some visitors to the site. It is increasing daily.

How does Yahoo! search engine works? I believe there are steps which need to be taken to see the move up the rank in search engines. Internet Marketing is about traffic. Unless you conscientiously do your part in placing the right links, words, and put some effort into doing it... you may not see your site ranked well and traffic converging into your site.

I have also got a statscounter attached to my site. Steadily the number of hits is increasing from the day the statscounter was turned on. This shows that with people searching for those crucial keywords, and if you are among the top, it is very likely your site will be visited.

I believe those who are reading this would be interested to know that this know-how on internet marketing will be shared with you. Keep visiting this site. If you need to send me an email so that I can keep you updated, please send it to I would be happy to touch base with you when more concrete programs are available to you to help you with internet marketing in Singapore. If you are a TIMM eCommunity member, please email me your interest also.


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Blogger Nelson Tan said...

If you are serious enough, SEO can become a delicate process. But fit the puzzles right and traffic will be guaranteed. Sound advice Jolly!

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Nelson Tan
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