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Saturday, July 02, 2005

An Infant - Internet Marketing In Singapore

SHI just wrote me and asked me to continue to post a blog each day. Hey! It takes quite a bit of commitment to do it. It also requires a good bit of patience as you sit and think of what to write... never to rush through it.

In Singapore, most of us are so used to the fast paced life here. Whatever we want, we want to get it quick. If we think that money is no problem... we will pay to get it quicker. However, in internet marketing, please have this word imprinted in your mind "PATIENCE". SHI just wrote to say that it may take 1, 2 or maybe 6 months or maybe more, for my site to rank well in Googles. Wow! that long... but well.... I have to work at it.... and patiently wait.

Soon after it gets ranked well... hopefully NO. 1.... then it goes through the process of being a popular site... and that is where TRAFFIC will grow. I am not just thinking of traffic from internet marketing enthusiasts in Singapore alone, I believe it will come from every corner of the world also.

SHI wrote "Once the traffic grows, money flows". How true indeed! I have come across many people asking me..."Have you made a good income from Internet Marketing?". It is truly embarrassing when I have to say "No". The next question is "Then do you know of anyone in Singapore who is receiving an inome through Internet Marketing?". I will share with them a few names. However, one day... YES! ONE DAY...when someone ask me such questions... I believe I will be there to say with pride that I have made a good income from Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing in Singapore is still in its infancy stage here. I believe if you change your mindset and start thinking of Internet Marketing again, you will be one of those rare jewels in Singapore.

You CAN do it!


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