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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Are Singaporeans ready for Internet Marketing?

Recently, I came across a phrase like this.... "Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?". I heard someone on a CD recording saying that 80% of employees in the marketplace today wish they were doing something else. There are so many dissatisfied employees all around us. Some people wished they are out of the "sick and tired" syndrome. I just hope we can do something to get out of the "sick and tired" syndrome.

Currently in Singapore, I believe thousands have attended some form of previews or workshops promoting internet marketing here. I believe only less than 5% are willing to invest time and money to attend a structured program to learn how to do internet marketing business. Realistically, not many Singaporeans are ready for this. However, as I write to the eCommunity, I congratulate you for taking the first step to attend the Super Seminar... and now is the challenge to put what you have learnt into action and let your fellow friends in Singapore know that Internet Marketing business is possible and will work.

I hope each one of us can determine to put aside time to work on something. I just came back from a meeting. It is past 12 midnight. I have told myself to write something in this blog at least once in 2 days or one day. Thank God, I have managed to do it so far. It is about allocating time to do something and then pursue it. I believe Internet Marketing can work if we do put in some effort. Why follow the majority who are not ready for internet marketing? From a tiny island like Singapore, BE THE MINORITY and you too can be one of those leading savvy internet marketing businessman.

So........Get yourself ready to get out of the "sick and tired" syndrome and start building another pipeline of income.



Blogger Nelson Tan said...

Ewen Chia told me much as he wanted to organize a talk or seminar to share knowledge and resources, he's quite pessimistic about the number of people passionate about IM here...

But time will tell.

best regards,
Nelson Tan
Internet Mastery Center

12:34 PM  

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