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Monday, September 12, 2005

Is Internet Marketing Easy?

This is a good question.

Those who are already getting their hands wet, or maybe fingers wet, have to say that it takes quite a bit of our resources to get it going. To dream of getting an internet business going well, it may take a lot of patience. Internet Marketing Business may look easy. A graduate who has a major in Marketing may not likely be the top Internet Marketing Guru. It is not easy by reading a book and then to do it need help from those who are already doing it and getting results.

Internet Marketing requires one big resource, and that is TIME.
Do you have the time to see it developed over the a few months?
TIME is one resource.
Next is Creativity, in writing, design, WOW! and I think I better not say too much.
It is going to dampen your spirit if I continue to list them one by one.
Of course you can employ someone to do everything for you.... will require another resource, and that is MONEY.

However, there is nothing like learning to set up the business on your own with some "coaching".
By doing so, your internet marketing business can be controlled by yourself.
It is like setting up a restaurant.
You better know how to cook and also run the restaurant.
You can add another chef when the business pick up, but you cannot depend on one chef and operate the business at the mercy of this expert chef. If he resigns, there goes your business.

So in Internet Marketing Business, it is better to learn it well from someone....a good coach.
You also decide what to sell, what to upload, when to offer a promotion, how your website should look like, when to revamp your "store" etc...
You are the boss and the Chief Operation Officer and you are in CONTROL.

If you are still at not give up.
Give yourself a bit more time, A little bit more, you will be there!