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Friday, November 03, 2006

Adsense Workshop - BEWARE!!!

Hello Jolly,

firstly, thanks for your "warning". I think you are doing a big service to the many newbies who may just blindly sign up.

Gideon Goh
Full Time Internet Marketer

Gideon above wrote to me to thank me for an information on what newbies should arm themselves with....which I sent out to people in my list who are still new to internet marketing

I have just received this email from Wealth Mentors inviting me to attend an ADSENSE Preview.
I know that they are just marketing for the trainer….Before you buy the program or bootcamp….please discern well. Because I am just sad that those who attended some internet bootcamps or seminar are telling me that they are getting nowhere…after attending. And if they want to get to somewhere they need to pay another fee of 5 to 10 thousand dollars.....WOW! WOW! WOW!

I would encourage you to find time to attend this PREVIEW…..I think it will be a good preview. ...that is all.

If you want to attend the bootcamp or workshop....
......Please make sure that you ask such questions to the organizer.
Are there any backend sales….? If YES….what are they?

Must we buy them to be super successful in using Adsense?
Can the organizer provide the wireless access and tables to place my laptop during the bootcamp or workshop?
Are extension cords extended to the table so that my laptop is charged at all time to ensure I can follow the trainer online also?
What is the fee and what does it include?
Is there coaching involved….is it part of the package or how much more must I pay?
Who is going to follow up and coach us in Singapore?
What is the coach's track record?
Do not be lured into signing up for it because of HERD mentality….Think carefully before taking action.

I heard from one person who attended the Derek Gehl bootcamp, recently concluded.
He said that the Adsense bootcamp is not coming cheap…. It is 4-figure he said.
I run seminars and market bootcamps….I dislike people being hyped up by the speaker to purchase a program which they thought they would be given all the support needed and left with a big credit card bill. Friends if you are not ready to take on massive action, please do not enter into this Adsense program blindfolded.

Before you start on doing Adsense, you are expected to at least learn how to put up a website or a blog…. My team of trainers are already conducting such courses and it is hands-on, we expect all participants to have a website or blog and we make everyone work the Adsense into their websites immediately during the workshop. We coach people who are willing to take action to first start a website or a blog. Do not think that earning from Adsense is that simple….. if your website or blog is not done properly, not a single soul will come visit your website. Important....... you need to have a website or blog first.

So........BEWARE!!! Think before you ACT!


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