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Monday, July 03, 2006

Richard Quek Meeting His Graduates

Richard has been busy with other projects and still working on systems and things related to Internet Marketing. He will be in Singapore this Saturday 8 July 2006 to give a talk to his ForLife Network Marketing group. I have especially invited him and asked him to squeeze in some time to meet up with some internet marketing enthusiasts in Singapore. This include some who have attended his TIMM Super Seminar, and some who have attended the SEO Web Design Workshop organised by SHI and me.

For some it will be their first time and privilege to meet with one of Asian's internet marketing guru, Richard Quek. There will be exchange of ideas. Such a meeting is also to provoke more interest among enthusiasts to push on and continue to work on their internet marketing business.

It is through constant contact with those in this arena who are constantly in touch with internet marketing that you begin to sharpen your saw, and make progress and reach your ultimate success in this internet marketing business. One just cannot be a lone ranger out there. Neither can you always be cooped up in the comfort of your home hoping to network and build relationship with keen marketers....both on-line and off-line relationships are important.

For those graduates whom I am associated with, it is good to take time to meet up at this gathering.


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