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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Coaching you to success

Coaching a person who has an interest to do internet marketing takes time. In fact you need a coach who is patient and understanding. Someone wrote me to ask for a good coach, I told him that usually they charge an arm and a leg.... I mean it is not cheap. Talking about Life Coaching, a coach can easily charge something like US$300 per hour... and the really famous ones charge a big big figure. And they can do it through telephone conferencing at that figure.... face to face may be more.

A friend asked me to look at her blog and give comments for improvement. It took me a long while to put in some comments and instructions... and I could add more and more comments, but certain things just cannot be conveyed through written instructions. You need to be present with the coach to see what is really happening on the screen itself. I say this for internet marketing.

Some coachees are really good and can handle step by step instructions rather well... but most are not able to. To ensure that instructions are carried out with the least frustrations and get things set and uploaded within the shortest time, the coachee needs to meet up with the coach and get everything in place. Here is a person who is all fired up to want to do something online, and a simple instruction not understood well enough and cannot be executed properly......... can actually dampen that spirit of starting an internet marketing business.

For those from the TIMM eCommunity, you would have received the email by now, make yourself available for The Internet Marketing In Action Workshop, we will be there to hold your hands and coach you to do a successful internet marketing business on that very day.... we may not repeat this program for the eCommunity... register yourself today.

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