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Monday, July 18, 2005

Internet Marketing Coaching

How many of you would pay a 4-figure sum like $5000 or so to get yourself coached? I believe we would say it all depends on what..... Internet Marketing coaching can be very costly. It is because if they can get you to do the right things, you are on the way to make an income which will exceed much more than the amount you have paid the coach to coach you to success. However, I am not talking about a large sum like that above... I am talking a small sum to at least get you out of the woods and then let you get your dream of realising an income through internet marketing.

Most people are afraid to be coached. Coaches expect results. A coach helping you with internet marketing is no different. He also expects results from the coachee. With regards to the Internet Marketing in Action workshop, you are to take some preliminary actions prior to attending the Workshop. You will be asked to follow certain instructions... step by step. For those who have already registered, I will be following up with an email to you to take certain actions first, yes..... on internet marketing specifically. There will be a forum set up by Shi and I, to get you moving into some action.

For those who are sitting on the fence, do give me a call. Some have said, "it has been so long since I really did something on the internet... it is rusty already". Yes... it may seem rusty but the knowledge is still in you. Could you allow us to remove that rust and get you going? It will be worth it all, when you attend the workshop.

Get Moving!


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