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Friday, June 02, 2006

Internet Marketing Gurus in Singapore

From March to May 2006, we have seen a number of internet marketing events in Singapore. There was this store-on-line preview with free meals, there was this event by Success Resources, then one by Armand and Alex....then there are the usual previews which we have seen in the Straits Times and local papers now and then.

It is definitely good to learn from different gurus. Each one has his strengths. I picked up some good tips from Store-on-line and also from Armand and Alex. Many have gone to such expensive workshops and bootcamps run by successful gurus. However, many failed to work on what they have learnt.

I have met with friends who have attend quite "costly" seminars on Internet Marketing in Singapore, but they just have not started anything on the internet at all. To me, it is such a waste not to do anything with the knowledge after paying so much to acquire such valuable knowledge and information. Some of them are disillusioned because they are overwhelmed by so much information that they do not know how to begin. Some have already paid so much for a bootcamp and do not think they want to pay anymore for a software to help design their websites....which can actually help to upload scores of webpages into the internet.

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