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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

SEO-Centred Internet Marketing

My good friend SHI and I have been in discussion about SEO-Centred Internet Marketing sites. The Search Engine is really interesting. My Mentor and guru Richard Quek mentioned before that the Search Engines are like judges, and they will award certain amount of points according to how they like your website's "personality", "Character", "looks", etc.... From there they will rank you as No. 1 or at the bottom of millions of keyword searches. This is really interesting, isn't it?

I believe many are frustrated having websites that are hardly found in the first 3 pages of the major search engines. You work hard in making it attractive, animated, content-loaded, etc.... but no one visits it except for a few good supporters who occasionally will browse when you invite them to do so. Kind of Pathetic????!!!!

Having a website designed with Search Engine Optimization in mind is crucial to the success and effectiveness of a website, be it for information, retail, or whatever. We are coming up with a workshop that simply addresses this issue... log into It will make you "richer" in knowledge and also in the wallets.


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