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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Singapore - Internet Marketing Seminars

Internet Marketing Seminars promoted in Singapore do not usually give you a hands-on experience. Most gurus or experts promoting internet marketing in Singapore would not want to spend time to teach you to put up a website. They would likely share with you their strategies, the books they have written, the softwares they carry...and get you to purchase them. 2 to 3 days to let you have a hands on experience.... is just impossible.....totally impossible!

If you have paid for a seminar or bootcamp which does not provide hands on or even wireless access, you are likely to be given a lot of knowledge....yes just knowledge and no practical at all. Many who register for such programs would think that they will be able to get an online business once they complete the 2 to 3 days with the guru. It is UNLIKELY so!

There is always that BACK-END sales of coaching programs which are costly so as to justify the experts spending personal time with you. It is not likely to have a face to face meeting with him, but possible only through teleconferencing or maybe just through skype.

Singaporeans should learn to trust Singaporeans who are present locally and keen internet marketers themselves. Ask around those who are doing some business on the internet, very few will say that they have learnt it from foreigners. They are either coached locally or self-learnt. The foreigners sound promising....but is there an additional price to pay for long distance coaching??? I hope Singaporeans can learn to trust some internet marketing trainers here. They are just as good as the foreigners.

I would recommend the 2 to 3 days bootcamps (that have no hands-on features) to those who are already into internet marketing and are ready to pick up more strategies to enhance their current internet business. It would be good for them to be there to create Joint-Ventures with already successful internet marketers in Singapore.


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