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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Internet Marketing Business Secrets Exposed

I am just wondering how many of us really want to know the SECRETS to any kind of business. We all definitely like to learn the shortcuts to any business opportunity. Let me tell you SECRETS do not come cheap....especially Internet Marketing Business Secrets.

There is so much talk in town about previews and "LIVE" demonstration before your eyes how gurus make money within a short one-hour after launching a certain product on the internet. They are really impressive.....BUT......Yes! Yes! Yes! There are a lot of BUTs indeed.

I am just wondering how a foreign guru flies all the way to Singapore and then charge you about $2,000 for a 2 or 3 days internet marketing bootcamp or seminar.... and if the room is filled with 300 people, you will think that he would have made $600,000. Mind you, the advertising cost (easily about $3,000 per advert), the air tickets (usually business or 1st class), expenses in luxurious hotels, the meals, transportation, the expenses for the marketing and sales team, rental of ballrooms for the previews (easily $2,000 per night), fees for the speakers who are doing the previews....if you add them all up... there will not be much left for the promoter and the "guru" to share. That is where the back-end sales come in....through CDs, books, coaching programs...etc....this is where "some" of the secrets are shared with you. In fact the $2,000 is just to get information on what you can do on the internet......the practical is up to you, or whether you are willing to pay more to acquire some mentorship or coaching program, or purchase a ready business model.

I am really afraid that many keen internet marketing wannabes in Singapore would get disillusioned about internet marketing when they realised that the bootcamps were just merely sharing ideas and strategies.... and nothing practical about how to get them start a small web presence. Very sad.... to have people so overwhelmed with information and knowledge but just do not know what is the next step towards internet marketing. Most of the bootcamps will tell you "you do not need to bring your laptops along.....just listen only....we do not want you to get distracted while the guru is talking and sharing".... Please use your ability to discern and decide whether such programs are for you. Do not expect miracles after attending the bootcamps....

I will next talk about..... not to blame others if you have lost some precious savings after attending bootcamps...there is always something to learn from every experience.


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