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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Is SEO simple to implement?

SEO is one of the power behind Internet Marketing or Business. The methods to attract traffic to your website are numerous. Shi and I choose to focus on Search Engine Optimization. Through this, we have quite a few who have found us on the website and got themselves registered for our SEO Web Design workshop.

A couple of days back, I received an email of someone who wants to train others to SEO their websites within a day. He also boasts of over 100 keywords with top ranking for those keywords searched.... there were screenshots of the search, but the search results were not displayed in full... My first impression of such a sales page was not good. I wondered if this person was genuine about his expertise and also about his service.

To have a very comprehensive understanding about SEO, it cannot be grasped within one day of workshop. With a one-day workshop, you may just be basically scraping the surface of SEO. Through our experience, there are so much to learn and implement. SEO is definitely not something simple to grasp and implement, if you are new to the subject. It takes quite a lot of effort to get it done well to achieve the ranking you desire.

SEO is not that simple... but if you want it badly then you need to start learning and implement a bit at a time.



Blogger Jolly Tan said...

It is not simple. But if you have someone who is an SEO Expert to hold your hands and coach you, it will help simplify the process. I recommend Shi HengCheong

1:29 PM  

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